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happy havanese  

10 Week Old Pup

Don't forget about me!

I'm the short-haired of the breed. In every way the same I just have a short-haired gene

12 Week Old Pup

A little more character

now in the looks

7 Week Old Pup

Still so tiny

let the fluffiness begin

2 Week Old Pup

Delicate features, as

sweet as can be

at  a few weeks

havanese ARE happy

companionS for life

 a light-hearted page for lighthearted pet lovers

Dedicated to the happiness and preservation of the Havanese dog.

Very rare, once almost extinct still only 4000 in the U.S. + 7000 worldwide     (as of 2016)

stages of puppiness

5 Month Old Pup

Need I say more?

Beauty galore!

This page is made in canada

This is a fun and educational website 

to learn more about the Havanese Dog.

With general puppy and dog care information.

There are no puppies advertised here

but we do know where you might be able to find one.

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long-haired havanese

short-haired havanese